steel manufacturing and trade

Manufacturing of reinforcing workpieces and welded meshes

Steel trade, import and export

Steel trade, import and export of reinforcing bars and wire rod

Hot Dipped Galvanized coilsFlat products

Производствен стандарт / Standard БДС EN 10327 - Продукт / Steel grade DX51D+Z
0.4ммDX51D+Z100-2751000/1250 mm
0.5ммDX51D+Z100-2751000/1250 mm
0.6ммDX51D+Z100-2751000/1250 mm
0.7ммDX51D+Z100-2751000/1250 mm
0.8ммDX51D+Z100-2751000/1250 mm
1.0ммDX51D+Z100-2751000/1250 mm
1.2ммDX51D+Z100-2751000/1250 mm
1.5ммDX51D+Z100-2751000/1250 mm
2.0ммDX51D+Z100-2751000/1250 mm
3.0ммDX51D+Z100-2751000/1250 mm
Hot Dipped Galvanized coils

Hot Dipped Galvanized coils
Zink coating: 100 gr/m2 up to 275 gr/m2
Thickness: from 0.40 mm up to 3.00 mm
Width: 1000mm / 1250 mm